Money Laundering

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    Graham, Toby - Personal Name
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    Money laundering law and practice is found in three branches of the law - criminal, civil and regulatory. Often these are approached separately but the authors of Graham, Bell and Elliott Money Laundering believe that a full understanding of the issues requires dealing with all three areas at once while remaining sensitive to the connections between them. In recent years there have been major developments that make this new work both timely and important. The new Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 creates a much strengthened set of money laundering offences which are expected to be extensively used by prosecutors. The creation of the Assets Recovery Agency, with new powers to seek the civil recovery of the proceeds of crime, significantly enhances the scope of action that may be taken against property suspected to be derived from criminal conduct. In addition, there have been significant changes to the regulatory components of UK money laundering law brought about by the introduction of the FSA's Money Laundering Sourcebook, amendments to the Money Laundering Regulations 1993 and enhancements to the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group's Guidance Notes. These are all covered in this book. This key new work is designed for the non-specialist and specialist practitioner alike, offering a complete overview of all these and other important topics. The precise and wide-ranging nature of the new burdens which the law imposes on practitioners makes keeping up essential in the proceeds of crime field. Graham, Bell and Elliott Money Laundering meets that need.


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    Butterworths : London, 2003
    xxvi, 191 hlm., 24 cm.
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