Fighting corruption in East Asia: solutions from the private sector

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    Recent corporate scandals highlight the importance of both public sector initiatives and sound internal company policies in the fight against fraud and corruption. Policymakers, international organizations, and advocacy groups all agree these supplyside anti-corruption efforts are a critical component of the anti-corruption tool kit. Company-based programs to fight fraud and corruption rely on the adoption of ethics standards and the implementation of compliance systems. Pioneered in the United States during the 1970s, they consist of company codes of conduct and training programs as well as decisionmaking and reporting mechanisms. This book demonstrates the use of such programs in the East Asia and Pacific region-and elsewhere. It shows how incentives-whether thay are legal constraints or risk management-explain the growing acceptance of the compliance model. This book, based on research conducted by the World Bank and the Conference Board, describes the efforts of Western and Asian companies to develop good standards of business conduct in their East Asian operations. Case studies from a wide range of corporate settings offer concrete examples of best practices in program creation, implementation, and effectiveness. The book also provides examples of dissemination of those practices that underscore the importance of business partnerships with the public sector and civil society organizations. An essential guidebook for companies, policymakers, academics, and nongovernmental organizations, this book will be of interest to anyone seeking improved business conduct standards in developing countries.


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    Jusctice for the Poor Project & The World Bank - Social Development Office : Washington, 2003
    xxiii ; 236 p.
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